Best Practices Adopted

  1. MoUs
  2. Mechanical Engineering Department has been well connected with number of industries in and around Pune for various curricular and Co-curricular activities.
    Efforts were taken for further enhancements of industry connect of the department by establishing cordial relationships with new industry partners.
    Every faculty member in the department is expected to identify and connect with various industries in Pune Municipal Metropolitan Region (MMR) and eventually establish and maintain conductive relationship with at least two relevant industries.

    Scope of MoUs

    1. Industrial training and visits.
    2. Expert lectures.
    3. Placement of students.
    4. Curriculum development of Diploma programmes.
    5. Providing training to employees of industry if they need

    Fig. MoU with Engineering Cluster, Pune and Kalyani Maxion Wheels PVT. LTD, Pune on 29.10.2021

  3. Delivery of appropriate Course work by Industry experts
  4. Mechanical Engineering Department has a joint venture with Cummins India Ltd. for making GPP student “job worthy”. Project experts from Cummins India Ltd., Pune conduct series of lectures on Power Engineering. The contents from curriculum and content beyond curriculum are covered through this activity.
    Cummins offers:

    1. Internships and long term mentoring.
    2. Technical and soft skill training.
    3. Hands on experience to Mechanical Engineering Students.

    Fig. Inauguration of GPP Cummins joint venture on 13. 07. 2017

  5. Utilization of infrastructure of industry sponsored skill development centers
  6. A well equipped automobile laboratory facility is available at Automotive Mechatronics center and Yamaha training center of the department. These facilities are made available to the students as when required. The practical task related to torque convertor, automatic transmission, suspension system; steering system and automotive electronics are conducted at the centers.
    The second year and third year students also get an opportunity to watch the interactive computer based learning materials on various automobile topics related to basic Automotive and Automotive Mechatronics which helps to understand various concept of automobile engineering.

    Fig. Students while performing practical of course Automobile Engineering at Skill development Automotive Mechatronics Center on 04.04.2022

  7. In-plant training
  8. In-plant training is mandatory in 180 OB curriculum for all the students moving from Second Year to Third Year of Diploma in Engineering. Schedule for In-plant Training 2021-22 for Academic Year 2020-21 was from 9th August 2021 to 17th Sept 2021. For many of the students, it was not possible to visit the industries physically due to pandemic situation. Six options shared with all the students on 8th July 2021
    Options Proposed
    Option 1

    Physical in-plant training in any reputed organization if the local conditions are conducive, the students is vaccinated and the parents of the student submit the undertaking regarding willingness, preparedness of the student and the parents.

    Option 2

    The student shall virtually/remotely study the profile of the required industrial establishment related to his/her diploma programme and prepare a detailed report highlighting the Vision and Mission, Quality policy of the industry. The report shall be inclusive of technical details and milestone achievements of at least one marquee project executed by the industry. Students shall virtually/remotely study any one program specific industrial process through videos available on various educational websites YouTube or other learning platforms. One expert talk/ online lecture

    Option 3

    Students may take any online course from any online platform such as NPTEL, Swayam or any other e- learning platform.

    Option 4

    Students may take up Work from Home Industrial Training and Assignment offered by renowned industries and deliver the requisite outcome online, under the guidance and suggestion from their respective Mentors.

    Option 5

    Online industrial training from Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (MACCIA)

    Option 6
    1. Minimum One workshop of 5 days’ duration to be conducted by practicing engineers / industry persons / industry organizations. The topic / theme should be contemporary industry practices or emerging areas in the field.
    2. One Soft Skill training programme of 5 days’ duration. – Cummins India
    3. Case study of any one industry OR Minimum two online training programmes of one week duration or online one training programme of two weeks duration

Number of Students eligible for In-plant training in MED = 196

Table: Option wise Number of students completing in-plant training in 2020-21
Option Number Option Title Number of Students
1 Physical Training 45
3 Online Course 03
4 Work From Home for Industry 08
6 Workshops - Soft Skill- By Industry Experts 140
Total 196