Committee : 

  Programme-Wise Board of Studies(PBOS)  
  Programme-Wise Board of Studies is the committee responsible for giving the academic guidelines and ensuring the quality of Curriculum. It decides upon the structure of curriculum, the contents of curriculum, examination strategies, implementation Strategies based on objectives and also give suggestions about academic planning. 

Department of Diploma in Computer Engineering is involved into constant up-gradation of Curriculum to cater to industrial, technological and social needs and to develop students based on vision of the Institute. The activity of major curriculum Revision is undertaken every five years and situational changes done any time as per requirement. 

Every change/requirement in Curriculum has to be presented to PBOS committee, and, if approved the contents and implementation is finalized accordingly. PBOS committee members are technical experts from various domains pertaining to Computer Engineering which includes members from surrounding industries as well as experienced teaching faculty. Every course and titles(units) has its associated and PBOS acknowledged objectives .
  List of PBOS members :   
  Head of Department, Prof. M.U.Kokate, Chairman PBOS.  
  Departmental Staff, PBOS members (Internal)  
  Mr. Gavhane Shubham Director,Twinkle IT Solution  
  Mr.Jayant S. Pawar Database Administrator BNY Technologies,Pune  
  Mrs. Anuja Pitake L Education Specialist,Birlasoft Pune  
  Mr. Vikram Subhash Khopade Software Engineer IBM,Pune
  Mr. Sumit Dighe Software Engineer Veritas,Pune  
  Mr. Vijay Kukre HOD Computer Engineering,AISSMS Pune  
  Mrs. S.S. Sant Lecturer in Computer Engineering. G.P Awasari.  
  Mrs. Geeta Joshi I/C Principal Marathwada Mitramandal Polytechnic,Pune