Faculty Achievements


  • Dr. T.B. Lawate published one paper in journal and international conference at Chennai on topic design of “9 element switch beam antenna “
  • Dr.T.B.Lawate and Prof.R.N.Shikari published one research paper  journal in National conference at Nagpur on topic design of “8 element adaptive array antenna “
  • Prof.P.M.Zilpe published one journal in international Conference at Pune on topic “e-notebook based on arm architecture”
  • Prof.P.M.Zilpe published three paper in international Conference.
  • Dr.T.B.Lawate completed one week training program “Establishment of small scale and medium scale organization”
  • Dr.T.B.Lawate completed 3 days training at NITTR Pune on “laser science and technology”
  • Dr.N.L.Janrao has been awarded by PhD and also he has been selected as head of the department for Medical Electronics by MPSC
  • Prof. C.D.Pofale, Prof.P.M.Zilpe, Prof.M.B.Hande Completed Post graduation.
  • Dr.N.L.Janrao has been worked as reviewer for ‘International Journal of Physical Sciences’.
  • Dr. N.L.Janrao published two papers in international conference and one journal paper in international journal.
  • Prof.P.G.Gahukar completed one week TEQIP training programme “Wireless communication”
  • Prof. S.A.Jain & Prof.P.G.Gahukar completed 3 days Industrial training programme “Faculty Development ” at Vishey components,Pune
  • N.L.Janrao has worked as subject expert in CCTV purchase at Gramin  police, Pune
  • Prof.M.J.Deshpnde and Prof.A.D.Vikhankar completed one week training in Germony on Mechatronics.



Student  Achievements

  • Student of the Department participated in IDSSA for badminton, volleyball, Kho-kho and kabbadi .
  • Project group from final year got Second prize in Dipex-2015.
  • Debate and Poster competition was organized in department.
  • In Gravity 2k15 national level project competition E&TC third year students won the price of 25,000/- rupees with best college trophy.
  • Student from final year Participated in Mind-Spark competition in COEP.
  • Two students from third year selected in HSBCE through campus interview.
  • In annual gathering student of E & TC got special prize for drama & for sports & dance.
  • E & TC students started ETESA group & arranged E-SPARK event in dept & published handmade magazine.

Student Corner