Currently Available space in Mechanical department Details(sq m) Total dimensions (sq m)
1. Class room 81.31 x 5 406.59
2. Laboratory    
a. MQC Lab 46 46
b. PE Lab 296 296
c. TOM Lab 32.5 32.5
d. Hydraulics 159 159
e. CAD Lab 81.7 81.7
f. CNC Lab 74.3 74.3
g. Drawing Hall 360.5 360.5
1. HOD Cabin 41.82 41.82
2. Staff Room 36 x 2 72
  Total 1570.41

Information about lab

Sr. No. Name of Lab Major Equipment
1 Power Engineering Lab Air Compressor test rig, Morse Test Rig, Vertical Diesel Engine
2 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab Water cooler Test Rig, Vapor Compression Test Rig, Ice Plant, Electrolyte Type Refrigeration Test Rig
3 Automobile Engineering Lab Cut Section Model of Chassis
4 Mechanical Measurement Lab Temperature Comparator
5 Metrology and Quality Control Lab Surface Tester. Monochromatic Light Source, Pneumatic Comparator, Angle Dekker, Tool Maker Microscope
6 Fluid Mechanics Lab Venture Meter, Orifice Meter, Rectangular Orifice, Flow through Pipes, Centrifugal Pump Test Rig, Reciprocating Pump Test Rig, Pelton Wheel.
7 CAD Lab Catia Software, Reliability, Auto Cad
8 CNC Lab CNC Machine

Student Corner

 On 6 Dec 2017 Hon Director of Technical Education , Dr Abhay Wagh visited Mercedes-Benze & YAMAHA training school at  Government Polytechnic Pune .

Directors Visit

   ON 25 Aug 2016 Govenment Polytechnic Pune signed MOU with TUV India Ltd Pune for conducting a course " Modelling and  Analysis of Pressure vessel using ANSYS ". Beneficiaries will be Final year Mechanical Engg students. The course is conducted on every Tuesday and Thursday between 4 pm to 6 pm. The total duration of course is 12 weeks. 

ANSYS course inauguration.