Laboratories Name of Lab Major Equipments
1. Machine Lab AC and DC Motors, Alternators and DC Generators, Rectifiers, Power Supplies, L.C.R. Meters & various Testing and Measuring Equipments. Test Bench.
2. Material And Workshop lab Three Electrical Workbenches, tool boxes, Trainer Boards for wiring diagrams and methods, Trainer Boards for electrical engineering materials
3. Computer lab 20 Computers with internet access. Microprocessor and Microcontroller kits, MS-office, Turbo C, AutoCAD, P-spice
4. Automation Lab Messungs PLC , HMI devices , Computers, Various Software for PLC
5. Measurement and Various Testing and Measuring Equipments, Electronic Trivector meter.
6. Instrumentation lab Instrumentation kits:- Op-amp kits, Temperature Controller Kit etc

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