Guest Lecture





Topic Expert/Faculty Name
1. 27/08/14 Advance trends in illumination. Mr.Harshal Joshi and Mrs. Kulkarni
Aker solutions,Pune
2. 27/08/14 Role of Electrical engineer in Industry Mr R.S. Shinde
Aker solutions,Pune
3. 16/09/14 Use of pneumatic circuits in industry Mr. D.V. Kulkarni
4. 19/09/14 Advanced pneumatic systems Mr. D.V. Kulkarni
5. 20/09/14 Comparative study of pneumatics and hydraulics Mr. D.V. Kulkarni
6. 21/09/14 Advanced Hydraulic Circuits Mr. D.V. Kulkarni
7.   Opportunity for consultancy services in Electrical Engineering Mr.madhav Patil
8. 04/09/15 Health Management Dr.Prasad Honap
9. 01/10/15 Importance Of Yoga Ms.Jyotsana Parbhane
10. 03/10/15 Elevators Mr.Vishal Shilimkar
11. 22/01/16 Personality Development Mr.Shetti
12. 29/01/16 Art of reading H.T. and L.T.Billing Mr.Yogendra Talware

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