Department’s Share in Institutional Activities

  • Gymkhana Vice President
  • IGNOU Co-ordinator 
  • Academic coordination
  • Inter Engineering Diploma Students Sports Association’s (IEDSSA) Deputy Secretary and Treasurer 
    • Buildings and Campus maintenance  & Water supply
    • Curriculum Development Component
    • Garden and beautification of campus
    • Institutional timetable
    • Gymkhana, Magazine & Cultural activities
    • Examinations & Assessment
    • Examinations of other Departments

Achievements of Students

  • Scholarship in the form of aid to the tune of  Rs.1500/- per month for twelve needy students from 2nd & 3rd year of Civil Engineering by ‘Belvalkar Housing Company’ – an alumni of first batch (1957) of Civil Engineering.
  • Major participation & contribution in ‘Mind Spark-14’ – a National level Technical competition, organised by COEP.
  • Amol Katkate and Gaurav Kale of Civil Engg. bagged First Prize (Rs. 4000/-) in ‘Mind Spark-14’ in the event ‘Intelligent Design Civil’
  • Amol Katkate bagged First Prize (Rs. 4000/-) in ‘ Techno-Innova 15’ in the event ‘Tantragya’ organised by Bharati Vidyapeeth.
  • Amol Katkate bagged second Prize (Rs. 2500/-) in ‘Techtonic’ in the event ‘AutoCAD Sketchomania’ organised by Singhagad Institute, Pune.
  • Aakash Kokate received second prize in national level Technical Quiz organised by AISSMS, Pune.
  • Abhimanyu Pawar, Yogesh Kale, Milind Chavan, Sandeep Gangurde received special prize in ‘Technica 2015’ in the event ‘Model Making’.
  • Civil Engineering Students presented Wall magazine, Paintings, Poems, Various cuttings under ‘CESA’.
  • Last year the students of Civil Engineering Department participated in the restoration of ‘Ghangad Fort’ near Pune.
  • This year the students of Civil Engineering Department are participating in the restoration of ‘Tikona Fort’ near Pune.
  • Blood donation camp was organised in October 2014.


Activities of Faculty Members

  • Prof. M.S. Satarkar is working as a member of Curriculum Development Committee for VJTI Mumbai, Cusrow Wadia Institute of Technology, Pune and as a member of Board of Governors, Government Polytechnic, Pune and for Government Hotel Management and Catering Technology Institute. (HMCT) 
  • Prof. M.S. Satarkar is acting as Gymkhana Vice President & Coordinator IGNOU.
  • Shri M.S.Satarkar, HCED given additional charge of  Vice-Principal, Government Polytechnic, Pune and Principal, Government Polytechnic for Distance Learning, Pune
  • Prof. R.M. Aghav,  Lect. in Civil Engineering, completed PhD in Environmental Engineering.
  • Shri M.S.Satarkar delivered expert lectures at JSPM, Tathawade and Wagholi.
  • Shri M.S.Satarkar worked as MSBTE Representative for paper presentation competition at PCMC Polytechnic.
  • Shri M.S.Satarkar worked as expert in interview committees for various aided and unaided polytechnics.
  • Faculty members of Civil Engineering Department are working in various committees of, DTE, Regional Office, Pune. GPDL, RBTE, Pune
  • Department is also conducting resident session for students of  Government Polytechnic for Distance Learning, Pune
  • Shri S.T.Dhotre published three research papers in National & International journals.
  • Shri V.M.Kolhe delivered expert lecture at JSPM, Wagholi.
  • Smt.S.M.Kulkarni delivered expert lecture at ‘Virtual Learning Center’, Pune 
  • Six faculty members of the department completed one each training programme.


Activities of Civil Engineering Department

  • Civil Engineering Department has conducted a course ‘Basics in Computer Aided Drawing’ for 375 participants, (from Superintending Engineer to Technical Assistant), of Public Works Department Pune Circle & generated revenue to the tune of Rs. 10.00 lacs.
  • A Meet of Civil Engineering Alumni (1978-81) batch pass outs was arranged on 30.08.2014.  87 alumni attended this meet.
  • Department is carrying out Technical Audit of the civil works of various Municipal Council in Pune District.
  • The Civil Engineering department conducted various examinations for recruitment such as – PMPML, Pune, ‘Saral Seva Bharati’ for Pune region and Co-ordinated ‘JEE - 2014 and 2015 Examination’. Also Co-ordinated ‘National Eligibility Test’ (NET) and Forest Departmental Examination.


Department’s Share in Institutional Activities

  • Inter Engineering Diploma Students Sports Association’s (IEDSSA) Secretary and Treasurer
  • Buildings and Campus maintenance  & Water supply
  • Curriculum Development Component
  • Garden and beautification of campus
  • Institutional timetable
  • Examinations & Assessment


Achievements of Students

  • Major participation & contribution in ‘Mind Spark-15’ – a National level Technical competition, organised by COEP.
  • Amol Katkate and Gaurav Kale of Civil Engg. bagged First Prize (Rs. 4000/-) in ‘Mind Spark-14’ in the event ‘Intelligent Design Civil’
  • Amol Katkate bagged First Prize (Rs. 4000/-) in ‘ Techno-Innova 15’ in the event ‘Tantragya’ organised by Bharati Vidyapeeth.
  • Amol Katkate bagged second Prize (Rs. 2500/-) in ‘Techtonic’ in the event ‘AutoCAD Sketchomania’ organised by Singhagad Institute, Pune.
  • Aakash Kokate received second prize in national level Technical Quiz organised by AISSMS, Pune.
  • Abhimanyu Pawar, Yogesh Kale, Milind Chavan, Sandeep Gangurde received special prize in ‘Technica 2015’ in the event ‘Model Making’.
  • Civil Engineering Students presented Wall magazine, Paintings, Poems, Various cuttings under ‘CESA’.
  • Last year the students of Civil Engineering Department participated in the restoration of ‘Ghangad Fort’ near Pune.
  • This year the students of Civil Engineering Department are participating in the restoration of ‘Tikona Fort’ near Pune.
  • Blood donation camp was organised in October 2014.


Activities of Faculty Members

  • Prof. M.S. Satarkar is working as a member of Curriculum Development Committee for VJTI Mumbai, Cusrow Wadia Institute of Technology, Pune.
  • Prof. R.M. Aghav,  Lect. in Civil Engineering, completed PhD in Environmental Engineering.
  • Shri M.S.Satarkar delivered expert lectures at JSPM, Tathawade and Wagholi.
  • Shri M.S.Satarkar worked as MSBTE Representative for paper presentation competition at PCMC Polytechnic.
  • Shri M.S.Satarkar worked as expert in interview committees for various aided and unaided polytechnics.
  • Faculty members of Civil Engineering Department are working in various committees of, DTE, Regional Office, Pune. GPDL, RBTE, Pune
  • Department is also conducting resident session for students of  Government Polytechnic for Distance Learning, Pune
  • Shri S.T.Dhotre published three research papers in National & International journals.
  • Shri V.M.Kolhe delivered expert lecture at JSPM, Wagholi.
  • Smt.S.M.Kulkarni delivered expert lecture at ‘Virtual Learning Center’, Pune
  • Six faculty members of the department completed one each training programme.
  •  Shri.S.T.Dhotre, LCE, has submitted Ph.D thesis at MNIT, Jaipur.
  • Smt.S.V.Kolhe, LCE,  has completed all course work for M.E.(Construction & Management).
  • Smt.S.V.Kolhe & Shri.V.M.Kolhe, LCE published a technical paper on ‘Acceptance Criteria for Pre-cast Concrete Construction Technology in Housing Industry’, in ‘International Journal Application or Innovation in Engineering & Management’ (IJAIEM).
  • Smt.S.V.Kolhe, LCE, attended training on ‘GIS & Remote Sensing Application in Engineering & Science’ at College of Engineering, Karad.
  • Smt.S.V.Kolhe, LCE presented a technical paper on ‘Acceptance Criteria for Pre-cast Concrete Construction Technology in Housing Industry’, in paper presentation competition held at Imperial College of Engineering & Research, Pune.
  • Smt.J.N.Thorat-Shingte, LCE, participated in One Day program on Personality Development at Government Polytechnic Pune.
  • Smt.B.G.Pande, L.A, attended ‘UJALANI PRASHIKSHAN VARG’ training for one week organized by RAMETI, Pune.

Activities of Civil Engineering Department

  • Civil Engineering Department has conducted a course ‘Basics in Computer Aided Drawing’ for 375 participants, (from Superintending Engineer to Technical Assistant), of Public Works Department Pune Circle & generated revenue to the tune of Rs. 10.00 lacs.
  • A Meet of Civil Engineering Alumni (1978-81) batch pass outs was arranged on 30.08.2014.87 alumni attended this meet.
  • Department is carrying out Technical Audit of the civil works of various Municipal Council in Pune District.
  • The Civil Engineering department conducted various examinations for recruitment such as – PMPML, Pune, ‘Saral Seva Bharati’ for Pune region and Co-ordinated ‘JEE - 2014 and 2015 Examination’. Also Co-ordinated ‘National Eligibility Test’ (NET) and Forest Departmental Examination.





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